Felice/James is a collaboration between London based Interior designer Rebecca James and Artisan Andrea Felice. Their partnership is borne out of their mutual passion for Art deco and mid-century Italian design. Having worked together on a number of private commissions since 2012, the duo decided to create a collection, which fuses Rebecca’s glamorous aesthetic with Andrea’s modern industrial flair and craftsmanship. The collection is designed to be fluid and balanced with sensual curves akin to the female form.

Finding the right balance and interplay of materials has been essential for their collection. The use of Corian has stemmed from Andrea’s love of Bakelite (both from its industrial heritage and popular use for designer jewellery in the 1920s by likes of Coco Chanel). The Corian gives a modern alternative to the Bakelite, and emulates its lustre and feel. Blackened oak gives the pieces softness and adds an organic element.

Brass (both solid & liquid) adds the contrast to the two darker materials.

Each piece is crafted in Andrea’s London studio and is signed and numbered, guaranteeing its provenance. Their shared vision is to create timeless and elegant conversation pieces which feel at home in both modern and classical settings.